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Gang Beasts is a multiplayer 3rd person fighting game with a single rule – you have to throw your opponents out of the ring. Nothing else matters. Invite your friends to your place or link via Discord, download Gang Beasts for your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC or even Oculus, and let the butchery begin!

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Features Review

It’s Impossible To Take It Serious

Gang Beasts game has no rules as well as it neglects a fighting system with clear kicks and punches. The best things that you can do is walking and perhaps falling. All characters in Gang Beasts online game are clumsy jelly beans with arms and spines that have no bones inside. At least all players are in the same conditions.

Gong rings! The fight is on, and what can you see? The four fatty bodies are pushing each other in weak attempts to budge rivals out of the floor. Luckily, all maps are rather small, so fights don’t last for more than 2-4 minutes. It also a common thing to eliminate yourself in a brave hook.

Almost No Control

It’s true that jelly guys in Gang Beasts gameplay do have several kinds of attacks, such as kicks, hooks, captures, dashes, and flins. However, it’s not very clear how to use them properly. Due to this, the best strategy is to run around and press all attack buttons chaotically to see something unexpected to happen. Believe me, Gang Beasts know how to impress you with random power throws and rage-mode hooks.

Looks Fine. Double Fine

Thanks to Double Fine publishing, this game by Beneloaf received enough funding to look very smooth and vibrant. Gang Beasts visual implementation looks incredibly holistic. Game designers used the Unity graphical engine thoroughly and optimized the game for a wide range of devices without any notable differences.


◆ Endlessly hilarious scenarios and funny characters;

◆ Don’t burst your belly when you see beast moving;

◆ Every attack is a good one.


◆ Sometimes comes a feeling of detached watching;

◆ It may become boring in an hour;

◆ Single player is useless.


Gang Beasts is a serious project with unserious gameplay. It has everything for party amusement and friendly online matches. Download Gang Beasts and be sure to impress your guests with a fun game.

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