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Garry's Mod is a mobile sandbox game without particular goals. You are not expected to get any score. It is just about simple gaming without restrictions. Download Garry's Mod and play this physics toy having lots of fun.

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Features Review

What is an idea of this game?

Here you will not need to understand the story, and there is no plot. It means that you are suggested to follow some rules, but there are almost no restrictions as to terms or resources. You are not expected to perform required tasks, though, you will play on some conditions, but within this framework you can do whatever you want. Use various tools for various purposes and build different objects, including cars, houses, planes, or simple things without following construction principles. You should not be an engineer to be involved in all those activities because nobody will rate your work. Do it as you like.

In addition, there is a fighting mode where you are expected to defend the things you have constructed. You can save all that you have created and share it, as well as you are offered to use items developed and shared by other players.

How to play?

You will appreciate simple controls and nice music tracks. Try various modes and maps and benefit from the features developed by a developer. Travel around the world and protect yourself with super powerful guns. Obey the simplest rules and feel free in your actions. The character you are supposed to navigate can perform tons of moves. If you are confused with a variety of possibilities, watch the tutorial. You can customize the available controls in accordance with your preferences. Find settings in the menu. In Garry's Mod review we have tried to give you a general idea of this game, but you'd better start and enjoy it.


• There is a sandbox mode where you are free to do whatever you want using the features;
• Controls are well-arranged being responsive;
• Customization is possible.


• There is not any story that is why the game can be boring for those who prefer complete challenges.

Be yourself and do whatever you want

Download Garry's Mod, build, destroy, paint, drive, and do anything you want. You are allowed even to ruin everything you see if you are in a bad temper.

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