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8 Ball Pool is one of the best 8 Ball pool games available for mobile devices, with great physics, good visuals, and high social integration. Download 8 Ball Pool for Android or iOS to try your skills with people from all over the world!

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Features Review

Balls on The Green

The game recreates the rules of an 8 Ball pool game. We’re reminding that in this version of pool you need to send balls of your type (stripes or solids) to pockets by hitting them with a while ball. After all your balls are laid, you need to send the black 8-ball to the pocket the same way, not paying the white one. These basic rules with some complications are recreated in 8 Ball Pool game.

The developers offer 2D experience with no excessive visuals that would require extra performance. The way it is the game is playable even on old devices of 2013-14. The design of the table varies, depending on what city you now visit in your virtual world.

One of the most important thing that you can get from this 8 Ball Pool review is that much of your success depends on the cue. They differ in force, precision, and other parameters. You can unlock new keys by winning mystery boxes, buy them for real money, or upgrade basic models with coins you win in the game.


On the one hand, the level of the best (and version of the rules) depends on the bet. It can vary from 50 to millions in gold. Each hall is named after a famous city (Barcelona, London, Moscow, Mexico, Tokyo, etc.) That affects design as well as rules: the higher the bet, the severer the rules. The two players bet equally, and the winner takes the whole sum.

When you enter the city hall and make your bet, your opponent of about your level is selected randomly. But you can also challenge your Facebook friends or those you befriended in the game, or play tournaments. When offline, you can play training matches versus AI.

If you think you’re progressing too slowly, you can invest some real money to upgrade your cues and to make higher bets. No, you cannot convert the virtual money you win; otherwise, it would have been a virtual casino.


• Good physics;

• Low system requirements;

• Various gameplay;

• Online or offline modes;

• Extreme popularity.


• May require investments if you want your level higher;

• The visuals are constraint;

• Too many ads.

Simple and Best

This 8 Ball Pool game is one of the most popular due to simple visuals and good physics. To join it, just download 8 Ball Pool for iOS or Android and authorize, and the world is your pocket!

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