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AdBlock Plus is the way to get rid of most ads on web pages you visit. Download AdBlock Plus for iOS to experience how fresh and fast web surfing can be!

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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

No Ads Today

AdBlock Plus works in the background, checking all your browser does. By using multiple checking it removes ads from the pages you load; that’s the feature mirrored in the app’s name. Thus it saves your data and makes pages more readable. It’s especially important when you’re on your cellular data plan that can be maxed, and you’re in risk of getting offline.

But there are also other effects. It improves your security level by removing possible trackers that report your actions. Sometimes malware mimics ads; these modules are also filtered. This won’t replace a good security suite, but will assist it a lot, and save you from your own curiosity: we all sometimes can’t help tapping on some sensational banner. With AdBlock, you just won’t see it.

Setting AdBlock Plus Up

After you install AdBlock Plus, you’ll have to activate it. Unlike the desktop version, it doesn’t work as a browser extension, but rather as a background process. So you’ll need to go to Settings and select Safari section, and then open Content Blockers and activate AdBlock Plus. After this, when the processes restart, AdBlock starts cutting unwanted ads. But you may choose an option to leave some; this compromise is the reason AdBlock still exists, not banned by all sites.

So far AdBlock Plus as a background app is only available for iOS. Android users are offered the AdBlock Browser instead; it’s available in App Store too, but if you prefer good old Safari with fewer ads, that’s your choice.


❍ Cuts ads completely or partly;

❍ Easy to set up;

❍ Works in the background;

❍ Doesn’t affect the performance.


❍ Leaves some ads;

❍ More and more sites require AdBlock deactivated;

❍ Only affects Safari;

❍ For Android, you’ll have to install a standalone browser.

New Life with No Ads?

If you’re into mobile browsing and you agree that ads grew too insolent lately, download AdBlock Plus for iOS. You won’t kill off all the ads, but their number will decrease enough for a better living.

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