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Amazon Alexa for iOS is an AI-powered Virtual Assistant app, which helps you keep your mundane tasks organized, find whatever info you need online and do your shopping with ease & grace. Downloading Alexa will definitely get you a bit more spare time.


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Features Review

Alexa, how much is a Lexus?

Alexa knows everything about everything:

? Weather forecasts.

? Yesterday's NHL game results.

? Crude oil prices.

? Definition of discombobulating, etc.

She can tell you stories and jokes, partake in light philosophical disputes and more. Organizing your playlists, smart-home system or creating a cluster of other Amazon devices you have. House temperature, smart door locks/bells, lights control - now they all can be adjusted from a single gadget thanks to Alexa.

Another super handy feature our Alexa review knows about: shopping list support. You can tell the app to make one for tomorrow/Super Bowl game/Christmas or whatever and add certain items you need. Moreover, it can search for the best deals, discounts and other beguiling offers right on Amazon. All the commands are hand-free: give Alexa orders with your voice, especially when driving and she'll do her best.

Alexa, five more minutes...

The app can also be your personal assistant and secretary when it comes to organizing your busy day. Doctor appointments, examination dates,  your daughter's ballet recital, a Saturday evening with your friends - Alexa will keep track of it all.

The application will set morning alarms, reminders, schedules, to-do lists and so forth. She can even praise you, if you give her that command. Not to mention that it's cloud-based, therefore all of its artificial knowledge and ability to mimic a human conversation won't affect the storage space of your device - Alexa requires merely 323 MB.

Bottom Line

Amazon Alexa is a very powerful and versatile assistant. She can be your secretary, alarm clock, shopping list maker or a master app to control the smart home system. And even your conversation buddy. Downloading Alexa will solve some of your mundane problems and help you do some of the routine tasks. You won't even have to use your fingers much. She perfectly understands human voice.

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