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The Angry Birds 2 free app is one of those games that don’t need much introduction. Just like in the first installment, the goal of this game is to fling birds at towers featuring pigs and make sure that they are crashed down. You can download Angry Birds 2 for iOS or Android devices and enjoy one of the most exciting games of all time.

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Features Review

Birds want to get revenge

The Angry Birds 2 free to play game is just what you need whenever you want to kill some time and pigs, and you will never get bored again. In the game, you are provided with various levels in which you need to play for birds and use the slingshot to fling birds at pigs that stand in different formations. All of this is done to save the bird eggs and help them get revenge on pigs! Just like the initial version, the Angry Birds 2 gameplay is filled with familiar characters.

More interesting features and opportunities

When playing the Angry Birds 2 latest version, you can enjoy a number of amazing additions that were not there previously. In this particular game, you have a chance to select a bird that you want to put in the slingshot, and also you have an opportunity to explore multi-stage levels for even more challenge. Another cool feature that should be brought up in this Angry Birds 2 review is that the game offers daily challenges in which you can get rewards quickly and use them later. Another awesome thing that you can do in the Angry Birds 2 free download app is to join a clan! You have a chance to destroy pigs with players from all the corners of the globe.


★ New and exciting multi-stage levels;
★ Amazing colorful graphics with iconic characters;
★ Can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices;
★ Opportunity to select a bird for the slingshot;
★ Daily challenges to win rewards.


★ Limited lives with a timer can be too frustrating;
★ Some bugs when it comes to accuracy.

The birds strike yet again

The Angry Birds 2 full game is definitely a worthy continuation of the famous series. It has hundreds of levels for you to explore and a community that you can get involved in to make the experience even more exciting. Download Angry Birds 2 and you won’t regret this decision! 

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