Best Shopping Apps for Android 2019

Best Shopping Apps for Android 2019

The number of Shopping Apps grows rapidly month after month on Google Play. While smartphone owners spend over 90 percent of their time in various apps, not all of them are using apps created by the particular brand. The situation is changing and more shoppers download apps from their favorite stores.

Top 5 Shopping Apps We All Need This Year

Shopping apps were invented by someone really nice who was sick and tired of seeing other nice people missing gigantic sales, not getting coupons or not being able to find their favorite products for the lowest price in the nearby area. Anyway, now we have them. So, let’s use them! Here are top 5 the most trendy shopping apps for you.

Amazon Shopping — the Most Popular Shopping App

Amazon logo

According to the numerous apps market researches, Amazon is on top of the charts. Why? Because it has a really user-friendly interface, the products are easy to find, and you can read recommendations and reviews from other customers in a few taps.

Users of Amazon Shopping say that they can find the product they need, read the description and top reviews, and order it during a coffee break. All products are sorted in a convenient way for a shopper and usually hidden behind an intuitive menu.

Buy and Sell Handmade Products With Etsy App

Etsy logo

Etsy shop is popular for its unique products which can’t be manufactured in a thousand copies. It is a well-known creative place for people who are the best in making handmade goods and those who want to buy them. This Android app is easy to navigate which actually makes the whole buying and selling experience better.

The app gathers data from your previous visits to Etsy website. It generates similar offers for you. Via this app, you can buy products, leave your reviews, exchange messages with sellers or other buyers.

The Pharmacy Store Has Never Been so Close With This Walgreens App

Walgreens app screen

Walgreens is named the second biggest pharmacy store in the USA. That explains the popularity of the app. However, the company does its best to keep you interested. For starters, they offer you to track your orders and consult with doctors through the app.

You can also send print orders via the app and pick them up whenever you want. And that’s not the best offer so far. Walgreens app helps you to keep the coupons and savings all in one place, view them and redeem at checkout with Balance Rewards.

Groupon App Catches the Best Offers for You


It all has started in 2011 when Groupon gathered 15 percent of coupons in the North American market in one app. Now, the app has been downloaded over 150 million times. Over fifty percent of all transactions in Groupon go through Android smartphones.

What does it offer? The app gives you stocks in the places in your area. It gives you the best prices and the new places that you might not even know about. You share your visit with friends or family and do it at half price.

Take Part in the Auction With eBay on Your Phone

eBay logo

Using eBay via Android app is even more convenient than its desktop version. The app sends notifications on your phone with updates on items you wanted so you will not miss them. But don’t worry, there are no SMS from eBay.

You can use the app to search for something or silently watch the auction. The best part of it, you can take your Android device anywhere and use the app whenever you want. If you want to sell something, just use the phone camera.

Enjoy Shopping With Smart Apps

This is the perfect year for shopping apps when buyers and sellers turn their attention to their Smartphones’ possibilities. Use the apps that were mentioned above or share your favorite in the comments below! Tell us what makes shopping apps great for you and why you like them.

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