Top 5 Word Games for Android 2019

Top 5 Word Games for Android 2019

Word Games and Where to Find Them

Language is the most plastic material to shape from. Hard to cover all the spheres it embraces, from puns for fun to propaganda and advertisement. But, aside from all that, words are the most versatile bricks, and they allow building more objects and shapes than Minecraft cubes. Word games are among the oldest invented by mankind, and, as literacy spread, they have grown more and more popular

Most of these games are quite simple in terms of design. They aren’t much spectacular; like books with few pictures or none at all, they use words to for drawing, in this case – for drawing attention. But if you’re the reading type (and even more if the writing), you’ll enjoy them greater than action-packed shooters or racing simulators.

It’s a new fashion again in the latest decades to boast your literacy online. And you can participate because one doesn’t have to be a grammar-Nazi to join.

Words with Friends 2 - Word Game

Words with Friends 2 game screenshot

When you communicate with friends, you use words anyway. Why not highlight it in a funny game? WwF 2 is published by Zynga, one of the most prominent game developers. It’s a digital version of Scrabble, though with some features analog version can’t offer, like a built-in dictionary or online opponents and ranking.

Like in Scrabble, the first word you place on the board should cover the central tile, colored purple. Then you make a kind of crossword, making up other words so that they cross others with at least one letter. Bonus Tiles double or triple the score for this particular tile, so try to cover them with the rarest letters. That requires large lexicon and swift mind, as ma

You can log in with Facebook or Google, to save your progress in the cloud and activate social features. The game contains solo challenges, but it’s more fun with friends. There are various modes available, like Classic or Fast Smart Match (with a random online opponent), Solo Mode and so on. The Lightning Round is the most dynamic way as it dares two teams to score 750 faster than the other.

The only thing that spoils the impression is plenty of ads. And there’s no option to turn them off, even for money, though game coins you need for hints are offered in the store.

NYTimes – Crossword

New York Times Crossword game screenshot

There were times (for many they still last), when one bought a newspaper to read it thoroughly, as a daily ritual, and then proceeded to the crossword on the last page. Now, in smart times, we can have the crossword only.

There are two types of crosswords: Daily (a regular one, like those NYT published for all its history), and Mini (the lite one). They are built almost the same way, but mini ones are just 5*5 and have blank cells in the corners only. Daily ones are bigger and look classical.

To see the definition of the word, just tap the tiles. Then start entering the word, spelling it correctly. To replace the mistakenly entered book just tap the same tile again and type in the right one.

There are options of auto-checking whether the letters you enter are correct (though it may kill the fun), checking squares, words, or the whole puzzle. Crosswords can be reset. If you’re stuck, you can reveal some letter or even a word. It’s free, but the words you didn’t solve yourself remain marked.

The only obstacle for those eager to have a fresh crossword every day is that the app requires NYT subscription. Mini ones are available for free, though in limited numbers. There are also archive crosswords, of 2014 or earlier. But fresher ones are paid.


Typeshift game screenshot

Unlike the previous ones, based on offline games and entertainment, this one is purely digital. It offers you some word puzzle you might even never expect from your language. It turns out that different words can be shifted, forming quite different ones. It’s a special kind of fun when the combination suddenly makes sense.

The level is completed when you have all of the letters involved in at least one word. There are multiple variants, so you can finish the level, missing out two of the three words the makers initially suggested.

It looks like a combination lock, and the designers even highlight it, making switching letters wound like rolling the steel wheels.  The game design is simple but this simplicity does its job, making you concentrate on the words. The game gets even trickier when you realize that the letters left after the first two words don’t have to form the third (or it will make no sense that is the same). We’re spooring new words, let them fill the cells, and getting bonuses for extra words we find.

The further you proceed, the trickier are the letter combinations, and the less common become the words. You may learn something new from this game, even if you’re a native English speaker.

The game is supported by Merriam-Webster, and with access to such a word database, it will never run out of content.


BAIKOH game screenshot

It’s a kind of word Tetris. What you see is falling rows of letters on the field that can sooner or later reach the top of it. When it happens, the game is over. You can avoid it by collecting words from letters on the field. All you need is to tap them, letter by letter, and then swipe anywhere on the screen to destroy all the letters you have selected.

You can use any words, not just nouns in singular, but adjectives, verbs, adverbs and so on.  The quicker you do it (and the larger lexicon you have), the more are the chances you neat records.

By the way, BAIKOH seems the only game on our lists that supports several languages. You can as well download French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other language packs. If you’re studying them, or any of these happens to be your native language, this game will provide even more quality edutainment.

This one is among the most digital games in this word games review, also. It may have its history (like a mix of Tetris and Scrabble), and, in fact, crosswords aren’t much older. But anyway, it looks fresher and more unique than the previous ones.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza game screenshot

Claiming to be “a new type of crossword”, Bonza Word Puzzle is really crossword-based, but it’s also a kind of puzzle. This time the objects that should fit are the words, not the pics, and they should fit due to their content, not shape.

The game contains a brief tutorial, allowing you to try its mechanics on the easiest example. Then you proceed to real levels. Each of them starts with the clue – a word that defines the theme of all the selection in the puzzle. For example, if the clue word is “compass”, the words in the solution should form “north”, “south”, “east” and “west”, and so on.

Early levels are quite simple, and they have some edutainment value, too. They can illustrate lessons for beginners on specified topics. Yet the further you go, the more sophisticated topics, clues, and combinations the game offers.

By the way: do you know what “Bonza” means? But that’s the title you get after each successful level. No, it’s not an exclamation of delight, it’s a meaningful word (google that and see).

It won’t take much of your data plan or memory space to download word games, even the full set of these. They aren’t large or demandable to your system performance. These games are meant for Android devices and recommended by Google Play. Many of them are available for iOS as well, but if any isn’t, you can find an analog.

And how many games you know reward you with something you can use in real life? Word games are just this type. If you learn or discover new words or new meanings of those you know, you can use them in your everyday speech or on special occasions, and these ones are better to have. They aren’t heavy, they never get you taxed, and you still keep them when you share them. Isn’t that real magic.

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