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Banana Kong is a 2D side-scrolling arcade runner game by FDG Mobile Games. In this game, you have to control an adventurous monkey to lead it through multiple tropical locations and collect as many bananas as possible. You can download Banana Kong for iOS and Android for free. 


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Features Review

Compilation of Classics

It’s easy to see that Banana Kong game developers took the idea of Donkey Kong and added up several flavors from Super Mario Bros, Yoshi Island, Sonic, and Rayman. It could be a useless mashup, but they managed to take the best pieces into an organic Banana Kong gameplay. It feels smooth and natural. 

Similarly to other runners, your aim is to keep the character running as long as you can. Your way is full of obstacles and deadly hazards, such as spikes, lava, height, alligators, and many more. You have to collect bananas to get in-game currency and spend it on upgrades. Don’t neglect them, because it’s the only way to reach significant high scores. 

Bananas also feed the monkey and give it energy for dashing obstacles and use additional routes. You can fly over jungles, swim in the ocean, or explore the hidden underground world and seek treasures. 

It’s Literally Endless

Banana Kong full game has no complete walkthrough. The dynamic game engine makes it possible to generate new terrains, obstacles, and secrets in real-time. Everything you see while playing is created on the go, so each run is unique. 

What are the reasons to download it instead of Super Mario and alike? For this Banana Kong review, we compared several runners and concluded that it’s one of the most entertaining free-to-play runners on the market. It’s more a question of taste rather than price. Banana Kong gameplay can replace any 2D runner, but it can’t replace Sonic, Mario, or any other character. 


? Excellent compilation of classic platform gameplay features;

? Smooth terrain generation;

? Runs on low-end devices;

? World leaderboards.


? New terrains could be added faster.

Homage is Paid

It’s fair to praise Banana Kong for such a quality compilation of the best retro gameplay solutions and reimagining it for mobile. It’s a perfect time killer that doesn’t try to squeeze money out of your pocket. Download Banana Kong to get a relaxing lightweight game for all occasions.

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