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Beat Roller is a rhythm game where you need to control the ball and lead it through the moving obstacles to the music. It features the freshest pop hits and delivers the rhythmical experience you will like. Download Beat Roller for iOS or Android and feel the beat

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Disco Game

The idea of the game is simple. To a popular rhythmic song, you move a ball through a lane full of marks and arcs to go through, or to platforms to hit. Visualization may differ, but the idea remains: get your ball on the proper position to the beat. The structure of the level repeats that of the song it’s played to. It reminds Beat Saber (if you have ever played it), with both its structure and visuals. But, unlike Beat Saber, Beat Roller requires no VR device, and the look is different because you don’t have controllers to emulate lightsabers.

It’s easy when the arcs to go through are static. When they start to move in your way, the fun starts too. You need to feel where they will appear as you approach and get there to the rhythm. That’s where the game begins and playing until the song finishes gets harder. 

The most pleasant feature of this game is that you can load songs from your own music library. The game scans the song to detect the rhythm, just like DJ apps do. Then it generates a level to its rhythm, and you can play a great game to your favorite songs.

Watch an Ad to Watch a Video

The game features the most popular songs today. You can listen to hits by Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Alan Walker, and other famous bands and singers. Most of the songs can be unlocked by watching a 30-second video ad.

If you fail a level while playing, you can continue from where you went wrong, again by watching an ad. The game gives you five seconds to decide whether you want to go on, or you’d rather start the level anew. If you like the song, you may want to hear it again.

Suddenly, there is no option to turn off the ads, even for money. Even if you are ready to subscribe and pay monthly or weekly.


♦ Easy rhythmical gameplay;
♦ Bright, neon-styled visuals;
♦ Lots of pop songs available, including the freshest hits;
♦ Can load music from your library;
♦ Free to play.


♦ The number of free songs is limited;
♦ The game is heavily ad-supported;
♦ No chance to get rid of ads even for money;
♦ Looks like VR-free version of Beat Saber.

Is Free Always Better?

It’s a great musical game if you like to combine these pleasures. Download Beat Roller for iOS and Android, but beware: there will be ads that cannot be turned off even for money.

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