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Bitmoji is an application which allows creation of your own avatar dowered with emotions.  Download Bitmoji to make your cartoon twin and use it across almost any web-based services.


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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Why should you need it?

At first glance, the thing is almost useless. But think of it in the context of creativity, and you'll see that it's a great ability to make your virtual communication and messaging more emotional, then your avatar become useful and important presentation tool. You can create an expressive one and choose stickers which correspond to you most taking them from a huge library. Determine your key features and find the opportunity to form a character looking like you. Indeed, there are a lot of services which can be integrated with bitmoji creations.

Simple process

Personalized cartoon avatar is not a miracle. This is a result of your efforts and the functionality of this application. You are free to make it comic or not. But first, you have to register an account through your smartphone app. It is necessary to enter personal data and generate a password. Selecting a gender, go on and customize your avatar. It is easier to take a selfie as a basis, but this is not a restriction. Choose your body type, skin, color of hair and eyes, headwear, and outfit. There are a lot of features which should be applied to three themes: Deluxe, Classic, and Bitstrips. Some features can be available for limited time or holidays, then you will have to change them. When design is over, start choosing stickers, filters, trophies. It follows from the above Bitmoji review that this app is for fun only. Your virtual version will definitely improve communication and let you creatively represent yourself.


◆ Plenty of variants and options.

◆ Clear tools and actions.


◆ Privacy is not guaranteed.

Changeable avatar

Create your own virtual twin with the most efficient tool – this unique application allowing you to amend the result if you thing there is sense in it. Just go back and change things. In order to start, you are expected to download Bitmoji app on your smartphone and customize your avatar until you like the result.

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