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Brain Test is one of those games that test your smartness rather than your IQ, erudition, or mathematical abilities. It offers you puzzles that require unexpected solutions, sometimes trickier than it seems, sometimes simpler. Download Brain Test for Android or iOS to check that!

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Features Review

Outside of the Box

The game is paper-styled, with simple mathematical, arithmetical, or logical puzzles that look drawn on a sheet of paper with colored pencils. In fact, some of them could have been like that. Others, on the contrary, require some interactivity. Sometimes they mean not what you think about them. Sometimes they just repeat popular conundrums or funny riddles.

Remember something to solve them successfully. First, words and pictures can be equivalent to the object they symbolize – that is, a word “cat” may be as good a solution as a picture of the cat, and the size of an actual elephant may mean less than that of the drawn one. Second, everything is interactive. Literally everything. Third, you don’t have to calculate what you can just see. Following these rules, you will succeed in Brain Test. In real life too, in fact.

Coins and Hints

What is the price of a brain test if its developers are not brainiacs? Yes, they know how to monetize the app, so no one gets offended. The game offers hints that help you find the solution, but they cost some in-game coins. There is also an option to skip the level, in case you find it too tricky. It’s paid too.

You don’t have to necessarily buy those coins for real money (though you can, if you want to save some time). You can earn them as a reward for successfully played levels or get for ad watching. The levels also let you try multiple answers until you find the correct one (some levels, though, won’t let you just guess it that easily). There is also a voluntary option of turning off ads.


♦ Unusual puzzles;
♦ Requires thinking outside the box;
♦ Works even on very old phones and tablets;
♦ Ironic and smart comments;
♦ Free to play.


♦ Too many ads in free version;
♦ Some puzzles are already well-known.

Have You Tested Your Brain?

It’s not another IQ test; this one is really fun. It tests your creativity and inventiveness along with pure logic. Are you ready? If you are, download Brain Test and check yourself!

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