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Bubble Shooter is a classical casual game, with bubble grapes hanging from above and a color cannon as your weapon. This game, in various versions, has saved millions of boring hours. Download Bubble Shooter for Android or iOS and enjoy the original gameplay with more fantasy and variations!

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Living In a Bubble

Bubble Shooter, with its rows of bubbles hanging from above and a bubble cannon, has become an Internet obsession in those good old Flash times. Now this game is available on your Android and iOS, developed by Ilyon Dynamics. Its core is preserved: your enemies are the grapes of colorful bubbles, coming down from above, and you shoot them from a cannon. 

You need to create a group of three or more bubbles with the one you shoot, and the entire group will disappear. If there is another group below the group destroyed by you, it pops too. The number of bubbles in your cannon is limited, so you need to be sharp and calculate your shots right.

Level by level, the missions get harder and more complicated. If you plan to change your device (or even a platform), but don’t want to lose your progress, you better sync your account to Facebook. It will also let you compete with your friends if any of them plays Bubble Breaker too.

More Than Simple Bubbles

While the original version just featured bubbles of different colors in various combinations, this version goes further. There are, for example, two-color bubbles that pop if you hit them with any of their two colors. On the other hand, some bubbles are protected by chains and need to be hit twice before they disappear. The further you go, the more complications you run into.

Well, you also have bonuses to help you through the hardest levels. For example, you have a bomb that destroys all the balls where it hits them, regardless of the color. The number of such bonus balls, though, is limited, and you only can buy one for in-game coins or get as reward for a successful level.


• Great classical idea;
• Simple controls and gameplay;
• Diverse powerups and amplified balls on later levels;
• Facebook integration;
• Free to play.


• The free version is ad-supported;
• Features differ between iOS and Android;
• The game lacks the original endless simplicity.

Bubbles Are Forever

If you have played Bubble Shooter at least once, you know its addictive power. Don’t resist. Give in. Download Bubble Shooter for iOS or Android and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want!

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