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Camera360 is the selfie camera with built-in beautifiers, stickers, and all the tools for making your photos shine. If your blog is as important as your face, download Camera360 now and stun them with your new looks!

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Features Review

More Beautiful Than Beauty

Camera360 is the tool for making your photos and videos more beautiful and spectacular. That’s the mission of this app, so it’s no replacement of your default camera, but a special tool for making your photos better. If you want to look like a kitty, a rabbit, or a cute dog on your playful photos, this app is just about that.

It’s easy to share these pictures or videos directly to Instagram or Facebook from Camera360. It’s also conducting its own awards, so you can become the winner!

App Subscription as a Beauty Service

The app utilizes elements of augmented reality. If you want, you can have cat or rabbit ears and nose on your photos and videos; they can look natural (or rather dollish) or made of stars and sparks. There are lots of AR stickers that follow your head. Most of stickers would mostly suit a young girl; samples with girls on them only affirm that. It would be strange to see a guy applying these, unless he does it for pure deliberate fun. On the other hand, filters and other effects are quite versatile.

Formally the app is compatible even with 2013 phones, like iPhone 5S or LG G2. But its augmented reality features require much greater performance, so iPhone XS or Huawei P30 would show their undoubtable excellence with this app.

Some filters and stickers are reserved for VIP section. They need to be purchased separately or as a part of subscription. A yearly VIP will cost $23.99, while monthly VIP is $4.99, and lifetime VIP is $49.99. You have a week to try VIP for free; if you like it, you can go on. If you can afford it, or your blog is well monetized, then why not?


📸 Lots of stickers and effects;

📸 Integrated with social media;

📸 It has all it takes to become an Instagram star.


📸 Best stickers are paid or require subscription;

📸 Free version is stuffed with ads;

📸 Some AR features aren’t available on old devices.


Camera360 is an element of a fairytale in your blog. So if you want to shine even brighter than you do in real life, download Camera360 for Android or iOS and shine!

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