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Google Home is a mobile application, which allows you to synchronize and control your Google devices and the smart home system remotely. Download Google Home to make a giant leap into the future.

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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Home, Smart Home

The application is literally a hub that synchronizes and commands whatever smart devices you have:  

♨️ Google Home;

♨️ Thermostat;

♨️ Lights;

♨️ Android TV;

♨️ Chromecast;

♨️ Door locks.

And so forth. Your mobile device literally turns into some sort of headquarters, from which you can give orders to various domestic appliances, regulate temperature, make lights brighter/dimmer or play music.

But that's not all that our Google Home review has to offer. You can monitor your living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, etc. and see what's going on there in the very first tab of the app. And in the Quick Actions, you can instantly access and tweak a single device: Lux/Geo or Honeywell for example.

In case you possess the likes of Nest Hello or Skybell, you can get the video signal right in the app, to see who's knocking on your door. But only if the doorbell supports that feature.

One of the handiest things is the Broadcast option. This one is responsible for delivering a message through all of the Google Home speakers, located in your house. If it's the family meeting, breakfast or time to go to see the grandparents, the app will alert the rest of the family members to gather.

What's on TV

Additionally, the app can search for the content: YouTube videos, shows and flicks. However sometimes the search results can be confusing. Therefore it's recommended to access a certain channel/service - Netflix, HBO - and then watch a TV program of your choice.

Besides Google Home suggests a number of apps that allegedly can boost your experience from using it. It's placed in the Discovery section, in which you can also detect Google Assistant tips & tricks and even a "TV guide" for your Chromecast.  

All the syncing is done through Add/Set Up buttons that guide you through the entire process.

Bottom Line

By downloading Google Home you'll turn your smart gizmo in a key to your house kingdom. Adjust temperature, music volume, lights, lock your doors and search for something to watch with Google Home app.

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