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Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer tower-defense game in which you have to attack buildings of your rival and manage to protect yours at the same time. The Arena of Clash Royale looks very simple, but the actual gameplay is very diverse and immersive. You can download Clash Royale exclusively for iOS and Android devices.

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Features Review

Dynamism Rolls Over

Arenas in Clash Royale game are rather small and uncomplicated. All of them have two similar fields with 3 defense towers for you and your opponent. Both of you are supposed to use creature-cards with soldiers to destroy these towers and capture the enemy’s flag. Sounds quite easy, but you can hold only 4 cards at a time as well as only 10 points of mana. It means that there is no way to collect energy for power-marches. You always have to make moves to get new cards and to kill creepers of your enemy.

All Clash Royale sessions last 3 minutes. You have to comply with the time limit and cause more destruction than your enemy. Your main objective is to destroy enemies castle. Of course, it’s not always possible, so you may also win by demolishing defense towers. Do your best to be the fastest or lose.

Endless Upgrading

There are no heroes in Clash Royale. Instead, there are cards with soldiers and creatures, and you should upgrade them after battles to become more competitive. The first way to better cards is very fast as you just have to pay for in-game gems and purchase advanced cards. That’s not exciting, is it? The second way is really engrossing because it brings in randomness. Collect treasure chests and don’t forget to open them every day to get new cards. Add this Clash Royale review to your browser bookmarks not to forget this. Each one of them may change the result of a battle dramatically, so it’s important to make up elaborate decks of cards. That’s a time-taking but exciting thing to do in free Clash Royale.


► Quality Supercell graphics and smooth arts;

► Greatly balanced fighting system;

► Very dynamic and quick battles;

► Exciting upgrade system;

► Huge multiplayer community.


► You can’t get specific cards on demand for free;

► Enemies always have the same level as you.


Clash Royale is a cool quick-battle tower-defense multiplayer game with famous Clash of Clans characters. Engrossing card system has great balance and endless ways for the upgrading of units. As any freemium game, Clash Royale encourages donations, but you can get the best cards for free as well. Download Clash Royale and test your savvy in quick battles.

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