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ClassDojo is an iOS app compatible with other platforms, including the browser extensions. It is a digital classroom, which allows teachers, pupils and parents stay in touch and it also introduces new ways of academic achievement evaluation. By downloading ClassDojo, you'll get an array of serious and funny features to make the school life richer.


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Features Review

How many Dojos did you get today?

The app attaches to every student the following categories:

➠ Helping others.

➠ On task.

➠ Participating.

➠ Teamwork.

➠ Perseverance.

➠ Working hard.

In case a pupil succeeds at one of those, they get a number of Dojos instead of regular A's/B's: form 1 to 5. And it depends only on him/her, how big the award will be - the bigger the diligence is, the more Dojos you get.

At the same time there are some negative categories too, with anti-Dojos awarded for every single one:

➠ Disrespect.

➠ No homework.

➠ Off task.

➠ Talking out of turn.

➠ Unprepared.

Anti-Dojos destroy the regular Dojos, thus creating a balance/imbalance and indicate on which category the student has to work on. Note: every category can be modified by the teachers, depending on what extra-parameters the study routine includes in the given school. To make things more visual, there's a donut-shape diagram, which displays a kid's performance at school.

Every pupil is represented as a cartoon-like monster in the app.

Who Said School Can't Be Fun?

This ClassDojo review warns you: parents won't have an excuse for not going to the parent-teacher meeting: the app has the "notify" function. Parents can be contacted via text messages, emails or printed invitations, templates for which can be found in the app. Moreover, it has other free temples to make funny diplomas, decorations, awards, calendars, etc.

Thankfully, grades of every student aren't displayed publicly, to spare their feelings if they underachieve. Instead, parents can receive a link, which redirects them to their kid's individual profile.

Bottom Line

Download ClassDojo and your child will get homework if he/she skips a day or two at school, share highlights or memorable moments from the school life, contact teachers and so on. And for extra $15, a cute plushie-toy Dojo monster can be ordered as the class's mascot.

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