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Clean Master is one of the most popular antivirus, AppLock, and cleaner apps. You can download Clean Master app to your Android device from the Google Play Store.  

A simple way to a speedy phone

Not many antivirus and cleaner apps can be proud of more than forty millions of downloads and Clean Master appears to be one of such optimization tools. It was designed to not only help you keep your phone safe from viruses but free up space and RAM so that the general performance of your device gets improved.

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Features Review

Clean the junk

Slow phone can be very annoying, so regular freeing up of the storage space in the form of getting rid of various junk and cache files is important for optimization of your device’s performance. After Clean Master removes unnecessary files, available RAM space expands, and you can run a speed test to check out how much faster your phone can perform.

Use free antivirus

If junk in your phone can bring no more than moderate discomfort when you use your phone, the presence of viruses is a much more serious problem because the device can be damaged by the malware. Your privacy can also be put at risk, so a timely antivirus scan will help you avoid serious issues with your personal data. Clean Master's antivirus engine is free to use, and it’s certified by AV-TEST.

Stay safe with WiFi security

Clean Master offers the WiFi security feature with the help of which you can detect unauthorized connections and fake WiFi. The app will also help you keep your mobile safe when using insecure public wireless internet connection.

Extend the battery life

Clean Master also works as a great battery saver because it helps your phone use battery power wisely by hibernating unnecessarily running apps.

Take advantage of Game Master

This feature will be useful to avid gamers who would be happy to have the loading speed of games accelerated.

As we can see, the app has multiple useful features but it’s worth mentioning in our Clean Master review that all the benefits that the tool offers come at a price of quite a lot of advertising.


⇒ Protects the device from malware and trojans;
⇒ Makes phone faster and smoother;
⇒ Saves battery;
⇒ Keeps privacy safe in any WiFi.


⇒ A lot of advertisements.


Clean Master is a great app for those who want to make sure that their phone is clean and safe from viruses at all times. Download Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner to improve the efficiency of your mobile device.

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