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The newest title by Bandai Namco is one of those that take already overexploited ideas and show them how to do it. Code Vein is a role-playing action for PC, available on Steam, with realistic requirements, out this September.

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The Future is Dark

There has been a disaster that extinguished most of mankind; the few survivors are hiding down in the dark, and the group named Vein tries to protect the remnants of human civilization. People can use some mystical gifts, but you have to pay with your memory and a thirst for blood.

The main enemies are the Lost, ex-people who let their bloodthirst take over. There’s a very thin margin you can unintendedly cross. So this story combines fights and ethics in an unexpected manner.

It’s the story that turns otherwise an ordinary PRG into a really immersive experience. The world reveals as you explore it with your character. The mechanics may seem too familiar, with keyboard-and-mouse controls, real-time fighting, hits and blocks, health bars and disappearing corpses, but if you want to give most of your attention to the narrative, that’s what it requires.

Going Hardcore

As for visuals, there are two things to highlight. First, the game is extremely detailed, with attention to slightest nuances, and very colorful. The cities after people look abandoned, and nature’s work on dehumanizing them is drawn as realistically as it gets in this genre.

Second, the game is gory. Very gory. Blood and guts are inside anyone, and it takes a good sword swipe to reveal that. No wonder, as bloodthirst is one of the major motives. Corpses dissolving in the air hardly rhyme with this approach, but that’s one of those RPG conventions so hard to get away from.

You’ll need to prepare 35 GB on your drive to install Code Vein; in addition, you’ll need a decent video card and at least 6 GB RAM.


● Unusual story;
● Great visuals;
● Reasonable system requirements.


● The game is too gory for some;
● The price is rather high;
● Very usual mechanics.


It’s no revelation in terms of gameplay, but Code Vein is a very beautifully made, detailed, and large story, marrying dark fantasy and postapocalyptic genre. If you like any of these gory and bloody, you’re sure to adore it.

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