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Cookie Jam is a fun and colorful match-3 puzzle game in which you have to solve multiple Bejeweled-like levels. Cookie Jam latest version includes more than 3000 worlds. It means that there’s no end to sweet crispy gameplay. Download Cookie Jam game for your iOS and Android phone or tablet to get a perfect relaxing time killer.

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Features Review

Sweet Classics

It’s a fair Cookie Jam review, so I’d like to point at similarities of this game with Candy Crush Saga. Both titles are based on food setting and classic rules of a 3-match puzzle that were established by Bejeweled by PopCap in 2001. The success of this idea is so evident that developers worldwide make endless remakes to earn money on the freemium distribution model. Jam City game studio managed to create a nice-looking cookie puzzle with more hardcore gameplay. All levels suppose you to find 3 or more similar cookies and other pastries in rows. Match them to gain earn points, but be attentive and try to spend the minimum number of moves to win.

This game receives updates every week, so there’s no end to new levels. Today, Cookie Jam latest version provides more than 3000 crunchy quests. It’s also great that you don’t have to buy any additional level-packs as all of the game worlds are available simply for watching short advertisements.

The Smooth Story

Cookie Jam is fairly tougher than Candy Crush Saga, but it goes without irritation anyway. The whole game looks so sweet and delicious that it’s simply impossible to get angry after failures. Fable arts of cookie worlds are complemented by the subtle soundtrack and diverse sound effects.


◆ More than 3000 levels;

◆ All cookie worlds are free;

◆  Smooth arts and soundtrack;

◆ Frequent updates and excellent performance;

◆ It’s difficult enough for a puzzle game for all ages.


◆ A lot in common with Candy Crush Saga;

◆ Free Cookie Jam includes advertisements;

◆ It whets your appetite!


Though this game has a lot of similarities with other 3-match puzzles from App Store and Play Market, it has something to be called a soul. It’s a neverending story that doesn’t become annoying even after a thousand levels! Download Cookie Jam to get an inexhaustible time killer.

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