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ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file managers for Android and iOS. It’s especially loved by those into modifying system and separate apps, because of its advanced features and root access usage. It’s a real pro tool that requires careful handling.

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Features Review

The Expert Explorer

The primary function of any file explorer is handling files on local device. ES Explorer’s interface looks like that of Windows Explorer, given that it’s full screen. Within any folder you can rename and delete files, create new ones, copy and move files between folders. The built-in search system can search files by their names, sort them by size, extension, date, and other parameters.

There are built-in video and audio players, document readers, and picture viewers that support multiple file formats. When you open a file within ES File Explorer, though, it lets you select the app to open it with. It overrides system settings; you can select whether to apply your choice for a certain file, or to change it constantly.

The explorer also lets you connect Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Baidu, and other cloud storage services. Its network capabilities also include handling local network drives, computers, Smart TV’s and other connected devices. All of them are displayed and handled like regular local folders, so you can exchange files across them.

ES File Manager for iOS review is shorter, because it lacks system access due to iOS restrictions, and so it’s of less interest. The most wonderful is the fact it exists at all. Still, it has interesting features like cloud drive access, local network support, or local search and view.

Handle Carefully!

One of the best features of ES File Explorer for Android is its full access to file system of your device. It’s irreplaceable if you intend to edit configuration files or replace some of them with modified versions – for example, to alter the default interface or change default apps. You only need to grant the app root access and use the built-in search to find the files you’ll operate on.

But if you are not so sure what to do with it, this feature can be destructive. Any change in system files may cause your system to fail or to change in the least desirable way. You also can delete important files beyond any recovery.


★ A very powerful file manager (especially on rooted devices);
★ Windows-like interface;
★ Built-in players and viewers for media files and documents;
★ Cloud drives fully supported;
★ Lets you sync files between various devices and even platforms.


★ More complicated than built-in file managers;
★ Can’t be found on Google Play;
★ Requires root for most advanced functions on Android;
★ Can be destructive if used carelessly.

A Victorinox File Manager

If you are confident enough to edit system files, modify Android and interfere where you are not supposed to, ES File Explorer for Android is one of the best tools you can have. Make sure you have root access and feel fully responsible for what you do. ES File Explorer is a tool for professionals. Otherwise, you better opt for a file explorer that doesn’t work with root access at all. As for iOS version, it’s not as revolutionary, but you can find it useful because of network features and viewers.

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