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Escape from Tarkov is a captivating mil-sim RPG that combines all the crucial elements of the best shooter/survival titles. The game boasts a richly detailed story-driven gameplay, beautiful graphics, realistic combat, easy controls, and a variety of customization options that make it a success.

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Features Review

Do Your Homework First

The storyline of Escape from Tarkov is set out simply in the game’s summary: it is a survival quest where you have to find your way out of the chaos-ridden city of Tarkov using your quick reflexes and tactical thinking. There will be lots of real players and NPCs trying to kill you, sometimes by foul means. So, keep all of your wits about you as you explore the game’s multiple locations, search for ammo and guns.

However, before you can truly enjoy the game, you will need to understand how different things work: there is no tutorial, no guidance from the NPCs – nothing to make it easier for you. You might want to try the Offline mode. The NPCs are more customizable, and you do not lose your loot when killed.

Navigating the Trading Menu Saves Yourself Valuable Time

Don’t waste your playing time on learning about all the things you can get from a dealer. With eight different types of dealers, each offering a unique set of items, the amount of stuff you can obtain is endless. Examining the menu in advance makes for much smoother playing experience.

Don’t Be the Sneaky Camper Everyone Hates

Winning your loot fairly while exploring the new maps and completing quests is more fun than just waiting around for someone loaded to pass by. To fully enjoy the game, stay on the move. They didn’t create all those beautiful locations so that you could stay put, did they?


● Great visuals and music blend nicely to deliver an awesome shooter experience;
● NPCs are highly enjoyable;
● Tons of cool ammo and guns.


● The gameplay gets idle at times;
● Lack of meaningful guidance promotes camping and cheating;
● The playable content is limited.

A Fun, Action-packed FPS That You Can Enjoy for Days

If you love games with intense action, challenging missions, sensible storyline, and stunning visuals, Escape from Tarkov is a must-try.

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