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Flashlight + Clock is a very simple utility app that is designed to provide fast access to flashlight controls and clock overviewing. You can use this pocket flashlight in a variety of dark places or extreme situations. Download Flashlight + Clock for your Android device to get a perfect pocket torch with dim watch widget.

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Features Review

It’s The Brightest One

Testing of the app for this Flashlight + Clock review revealed that it has permission to set the brighter LED level than the basic Android flashlight. Of course, this condition is not very good for battery life as the energy consumption rises notably. However, there should be no excuses in places without light. If the situation seems to be difficult and you find yourself stuck somewhere, stop wasting battery and switch to the screen lighting. It isn’t that bright, but it can work for at least 2 hours longer. This time may be crucial. You can also choose a medium energy consumption by switching the lowest brightness of your LED flashlight via the Flashlight + Clock apk.

Use It Everywhere

Flashlight + Clock app is a universal thing for many occasions. First of all, you can use it to find a way in dark locations. For example, everyone gets up at night from time to time to go to the lou. There’s no need in switching the lights on, so  Flashlight + Clock free app will be the best solution.

Imagine another common scenario. You hold something to examine its details (let it be an old coin), and it suddenly falls down and rolls behind the wardrobe. Forget about crawling with your face to the floor. Just launch  Flashlight + Clock and choose an option to switch camera with flashlight. That’s much easier and faster.


☀ Low energy consumption and brightness control;

☀ Camera plus flashlight mode;

☀ Optional screen light with different colors;


☀ It’s available for Android only;

☀ You can’t set the brightness of the flashlight while recording video.


Flashlight + Clock is a must-have application for all Android devices because it solves elementary domestic tasks in seconds. Keep the flashlight at hand to be always mobile and well-organized. Download Flashlight + Clock and forget about dark conditions.

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