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Flightradar24 is the app for tracking aircraft moving over the Earth in real time. If you download Flightradar24 for Android or iOS, you’ll be able to track particular flights as well as global aircraft movement!

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Features Review

In The Air!

Flightradar24 uses open information about departures and landings, as well as GPS data available for third party organization. It’s no special app for military or espionage purposes, but when you see planes flying over the Earth in real time, you’ll feel like you’re in some secret headquarters, watching a wall-sized screen.

You just need to tap a flight icon to get the brief info on its number and the picture. Then tap Details to see more detailed data. If you wish, you can see it modelled in 3D, combined with satellite photos of the Earth surface. Airport data is represented the same way, with flights departing or arriving soon expected delays, and live tracking if available.

Augmented reality has caught up with planes. It’s enough to aim with an AR camera to get the info on the plane flying just above your head. It’s an exciting feeling of accessing the data that seemed fantastic in Romantic Era of Aviation.

Get On Board!

All these features look fantastic, if we imagine life before the Internet. But Premium subscription brings you more options, like ads off, enhanced 3D mode, detailed history, alerts and notifications, and professional air navigation maps. It’s $3.99/mo or $34.99/yr: not so much when compared to tickets if you fly often. New users shouldn’t be confused, but some old ones that used to stay on previous version complain about having to pay twice for the same app.

Even if you’re just an aircraft fan, you’ll get a lot from this app; at least, it enables you to watch certain flights almost in real time or see what’s going on over certain territories.


✈️ Real-time flight tracking;

✈️ Detailed info on flights and airports;

✈️ Adjustable layered maps.


✈️ Updates may cause issues with subscription renewal;

✈️ Some features only available in Premium (but that’s okay in 2019);

✈️ Formal support reaction.


Despite some issues, Flightradar24 is the unique app for those who need tracking flights. So if you fly often or meet guests from abroad, or just love aircraft, download Flightradar24 for iOS or Android and enjoy!

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