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Forge Ahead is a blacksmith simulator with elements of a clicker. Make metal out or ore, make swords of that metal, sell them and get more. Download Forge Ahead for Android or iOS and forge your swords for the victory!

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We Have Mithril

The game is not made as a realistic simulator; it’s rather an advanced version of clicker games. Still, it has some strategic elements that get you thinking. First of all, you get variety of ores to get your metal from. You can tell ores apart by their colors. If you don’t want a certain metal in your new sword, you just leave the stone alone as soon as you see the color of the ore.

The next steps include making the sword and cooling it down, and then making the shape right. After that, you are ready to sell weapons in your store. Let the customers look at it, and probably you’ll get more coins for continuing the job.

It may sound dull, but the process is suddenly more immersive than one could expect. Partly it’s because of fantasy elements. For example, the metals you can use include the legendary mithril along with, say, silver, tin and… Diamond? Don’t be surprised, it’s a fantasy world.

It’s All About Gold

Well, as you see, the more you want to earn on your swords, the more you should invest into your equipment. Each stage can be improved. When it comes to mining, you can improve power and speed of it. You can also upgrade crucible capacity, get yourself a better hammer, unlock new sword types, and finally make your masterpieces more valuable.

Suddenly, it’s a clicker-type game. So you earn coins all the time when it runs, making it quicker as you do at least anything. Swords are responsible for that: the more of them you have in your store, the more coins they bring. Probably visitors pay money just to take a look at these masterpieces.

In fact, it’s a decent time-killer, as swords are made for killing. Probably you’ll even find this idea has more potential than it uses. The developers might have made this an ironic take on fantasy clichés, preserving the pros of the gameplay.


• Simple forgery imitation;
• Various metals and swords;
• Fantasy style;
• Clicker mechanics to earn even when you’re idle.


• Too many ads;
• The world lacks internal logic.

The Way of the Sword

Suddenly, this game is rather an economy simulator than a fantasy adventure. But if you’re searching for a good casual game, download Forge Ahead and enjoy. Your blades will be the best at killing time.

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