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FaceTime is an instant-messenger, exclusively available for Apple owners. It allows you to do audio/video/group calls, send text messages diluted with emojis, share media files and so on. Download FaceTime and stay in touch with your close ones.


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  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
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  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Time to face the FaceTime

The app can boast of surprisingly good video & audio quality during the calls. That is of course, if your connection is strong enough. The visual noise and pixilation appear only when your connectivity begins weakening.

Furthermore, in 2018 Apple introduced a new feature: the group calls with up to 32 people talking simultaneously. This option shows surprisingly smooth performance with low latency and almost non-existent glitches/lags. That's why it's perfect for:

➠ Clan, guild, PUBG-fireteam briefing.

➠ Emergency business conference.

➠ Family video-meeting.

➠ Creative team brainstorm.

➠ Casual video-chatting with your friends from time to time.

The smart nuance that the Group Session introduces in FaceTime is the automatic expansion of a window, whenever a certain person talks. This way it is easier to attract the attention of the others and help them concentrate on whatever you have to say.

Memetic Memojis

Perhaps one of the most popular features in the app is its memojis and animojis. They are sort of animated masks that you can "wear" during a video conversation, and they will mimic your facial expressions and head moves.

Tap on the screen during the call - Animations & Effects category will pop up. Type on it and choose one of the memoji characters: animeish girls, monkey, robots and so on. Moreover, in iOS 12 you can customize memojis and animojis, giving them the features you prefer.

Apart from them, our FaceTime review should mention that a rich repertoire of stickers and filters is also available in the app.

Bottom Line

Although using FaceTime narrows your contacts list to only those people, who own Apple gadgets, it's still a worthy app to have. It has customizable notifications, a rich variety of funny elements and pretty good call quality, even if it's a Group Session with the maximum callers possible. Download FaceTime to enjoy top quality communication for free.

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