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Fruit Ninja is an interesting video game where you need to concentrate on a variety of fruits and bombs showed on the screen. You need to slice fruits with a blade controlled by touching the screen in order to get grades.

Pay attention to the bombs and always try to avoid slicing them, which ensures you to get higher grades and to play longer. There are three patterns in this game, separately is Classic, Zen and the fan favourite Arcade mode, and each of them has its own play rules to improve your skills.

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Features Review

Modes of the Title

Classic Mode looks like bananas, mangos, and strawberries, thrown into the air. They are falling down slowly and you should manage to swipe across the fruit before it reaches the bottom. It is allowed to miss only two pieces otherwise the game is over. You get points for every piece sliced. If you are skilled or lucky enough to slice over three pieces at the same time, you are rewarded with more points. For each six fruits thrown, there are several bombs thrown amongst them. It is important to slice the fruit but avoid hitting bombs. It gets rather complicated in due course when there are a lot of fruits and bombs in the air. Moreover, they start falling faster.

There is Arcade Mode where you are suggested to slice fruits during sixty seconds. The more you slice, the higher the score is. The bombs will make things more confusing, but they do not cause the end of the game, they just remove your points from the score. In addition, every fruit has its special effect.

If you want to relax doing repetitive moves without much efforts, apply Zen Mode. It is the simplest one here. There are not difficult challenges and bombs, but you are still restricted with time. Slice fruits for a minute and a half, then count the points.

We hope you get a clear idea of the game from this Fruit Ninja Classic review. Install to enjoy the details.

Why Should You Play it?

This free game is rather amazing and addicting being well-designed and accurately arranged. Scoring is clear, controls are reliable. You can start again and again expanding your skills. There are blades, powerups and crazy bananas providing special effects. Try to make multiple slices of Pomegranate. You are free to mix various tools, different powers and decide what is really efficient. Follow your progress and do more every time you start playing.


yes Brightly colored design;

yes There are in-app purchases with more possibilities;

yes No graphical violence at all.


no Bugs are possible;

no There is ad.


Download Fruit Ninja Classic and start from deciding what mode you want to play. Though it is rather a time passer than an educational game, but as almost any title it can be helpful developing fine motor skills and speeding up the reaction of a kid involved in the game.

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