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Google Authenticator is the response to request for better privacy. Google has made the digital world more accessible, but it’s more vulnerable as well. With Google Authenticator, you can use your phone for easier two-step verification. The system adds another step to decrease the risks and to make the protection stronger.

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Features Review

How It Works

When you have the app on your phone, it can do some work for you, so you can enter your Google account with less risk. This means that you will have to enter the password from your account, and then confirm your login when prompted on your Android phone. In theory, this means that if someone gets to know your password, they will not be able to enter your account without having your phone or tablet with this app installed. As you install the app, two-step verification is activated automatically.

With this app, you can also easily control other security settings in your Google account. For example, you can turn off 2-step verification manually if you feel it’s excessive for your security. It also lets you back up your most important data or manage trusted phone numbers.

To start a new life with this app, you’ll need to activate the two-step verification in your Google account. The link is in the description. To confirm changes, you’ll need to enter the code sent to your verified phone number.

Comfortable and Safe

Since you have activated Google Authenticator, you’ll log in to Google services in two steps. First, you will enter your Google login and password on a device. Second, you’ll need to confirm your authentication by tapping the right button on your phone, when prompted. So, if anyone tries to access your account, you can stop them from it, even if they have your password. You will also learn something about them – location, device, browser (or at least UserAgent), and it may be enough to guess. Hope you won’t have to, though.

The app is compatible with Android Wear, so you can do the confirmation right on your wrist. It’s easy when you have put away your phone and don’t want to reach for it.

Two-step verification provides much stronger protection for your data, but you can turn it off on certain devices. For example, if your home computer is only used by you (and still password-protected and encrypted), you won’t have to confirm your identity each time you’re at it. 


* Easy to set up and use when your phone is with you;
* Makes your account protection stronger;
* Alerts you if anyone tries to access your account;
* Flexible in terms of setting up security levels for devices;
* Security of the service granted by Google.


* Requires your Android phone always with you and online;
* May get too annoying (even when really necessary);
* Does not fix the problem of users not sufficiently concerned.

One Tap, Two Step

Well, if you have really valuable data in your device (like the Death Star plans), and you cannot just tell the stormtroopers that those aren’t the files they’re looking for, two-step authentication may save you. In real life, the hunt is for your bank accounts, your mail, and other private data connected to your account. So double protection is never an overkill; and Google Authenticator is the right type of it.

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