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Google Pay is the international service by Google that lets verified Android users make payments from their credit or debit cards and accounts with most ease and security. It only takes a compatible smartphone, an active credit card, and the Google Pay app. With it, you don’t even have to take your card to make payments.

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How to Pay with Your Phone

The most obvious way of using Google Pay is making your payments with your phone in stores or services instead of cash or regular cards. Just make sure the store has at least one terminal that accepts contactless payments (now MasterCard, VISA and AmEx use the same “Contactless” definition, so there’s no confusion across all those PayPass and PayWave names).

You don’t have to enter your PIN or sign any paper to confirm your identity with these payments. This work is already done by Google, on one side, and your bank, on another. The payment only requires biometrical authentication that’s done with a fingerprint scanner or face recognition ID. Usually, banks don’t take any extra fee for enabling this feature; neither does Google. 

There are also all-digital payments supported. For example, when you’re making a purchase on Google Play Store or some other store that supports the system, you can pay with Google Pay. You only have to confirm your identity, you already know-how.

Last but not least: Google Pay is compatible with smartwatches that have an NFC module. It’s even easier to run the app on your watch and just move your wrist to the terminal to complete payments. You may even leave your phone at home, when you’re out for your morning jogging, and if you get thirsty, buy a bottle of water with your watch.

Worldwide… Or Not

While the basic features of Google Pay are common, some necessary extras may vary from country to country. For example, transferring funds between Google Pay users with Google Message is only active in the USA and India (as for early 2020). There are only 28 countries where you can use your NFC-equipped phone with Google Pay for contactless payments. In some countries Google Pay can be used for paying for travel by bus or train right as you enter the transport.

These differences are caused by necessity to coordinate financial functionality with local laws and legal practice. So, if you have already got used to benefits delivered by Google Pay, don’t forget your card (and better take some cash) while going abroad.


♦ Easiest payments ever within Google ecosystem or offline;
♦ Doesn’t expose your card number and other private data;
♦ Saves your stats;
♦ Compatible with various pay systems;
♦ Compatible with most smartphones and NFC-equipped smartwatches.


♦ Doesn’t work on rooted or Google Play-free phones;
♦ Functionality depends on your phone and country.

Google Saves the Pay

It’s the digital way of paying with your phone or smartwatch. With it you only need to complete your payment within the app or put the phone closer to the terminal. It’s quite secure and easy, and requirements are quite low. Alas, if your phone doesn’t have an NFC module, you won’t be able to pay at stores. 

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