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Happy Wheels is a funny platformer game that is based on the successful old-school mobile game called Gravity Defied as well as the Jackass MTV show. You have to play for a stuntman, who tries riding different custom rides on extremely dangerous tracks. Explosions, spikes, saws, springboard, and loads of cartoonish violence are waiting for you. Download Happy Wheels for iOS or Android devices and try to survive at least 1 level.

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Features Review

Nothing Happy Here

I would rather say that it’s hilarious. The stupidity of Happy Wheels gameplay leaves no chances for me to stand laughing. In fact, this title has very “realistic” physical models of characters. That’s why they love being murdered by failure stunts. Just try to fall down for a couple of times and watch your avatar’s flesh burst. On the other hand, such a bloody punishment for mistakes makes Happy Wheels game a great hardcore gaming challenge.

This is an honest Happy Wheels review, so I have to say that all 60 levels are done with precision and attention to detail. The level of frustration from every death is high enough to make you hit or throw your phone hardly. Well, that’s what I did on the 6th level.

It’s also great that you can make your own levels to challenge your friend. Use as much annoying stuff as possible to make them impassable.

Starring …

In Happy Wheels latest version, you can choose from various characters and vehicles to experience different riding conditions. Some characters are very hard to handle. For example, there is a couple of a child and dad riding their family cycle in their nice safety helmets. Is it necessary to say that the child is a lump of dead meat from the very beginning? You can also ride an electric shopping cart, a jet wheelchair, a segway, and more.


► Hilarious bloody show;

► Challenging hardcore gameplay;

► Realistic physics;

► Multiple levels.


► You may become too angry;

► No multiplayer or co-op mode.


Happy Wheels is an incredibly memorable gaming experience. The bloodiness of its gameplay is outstanding. Especially for a cartoonish platformer like this. Download Happy Wheels and try to complete these furious tracks.

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