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Hay Day is a virtual farming game by Supercell, offering you the experience of a farmer’s life and success. Download Hay Day for iOS or Android to have your farm always in your pocket and access it whenever and wherever you want!

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Features Review

A Lucky Heir

So, you inherited a farm from your uncle. The farm is abandoned and needs much care. But you’re up for that, and you’ve got a friendly scarecrow to help you accommodate. First, you need to refresh your farm looks, repair the buildings you already own, and prepare for your first harvest.

Then, as your farm expands, you start breeding birds and animals, build new objects, master new plants and cereals, and finally organize some processing of your products (like a bakery) to have something for the market. The more you produce, the more you can sell outside your farm, and that money helps to expand your farm and explore new agricultural techniques.

As you complete missions, you get to higher levels, unlock new animals, plants, buildings… and businesses. From a humble work it turns to complicated management experience. You can stay alert 24/7, because the app will notify you of any event at your farm.

How to Farm

All the actions in Hay Day are easy. To sow wheat, say, you need to tap the field and then drag the seeds that appear next to the field right to it. The wise scarecrow and your neighbors will explain to you everything. Finally, you’ll develop your farm enough to show it to your friends. It’s easy, due to Facebook integration.

But the further you go, the slower any next upgrade or building gets. To accelerate it, you can use diamonds that you either get for level upgrades or buy for real money. Coins can be received more easily: earned by trading or as a reward for completing a quest.


★ Good visuals;

★ ★ Long playability;

★ ★ ★ Facebook integration

★ ★ ★ ★ Social elements and inviting friends.


★ ★ ★ Doesn’t work when offline;

★ ★ There are strong alternatives (like FarmVille series);

★ In-app payments too heavily promoted.

Farming Stimulator!

If you’re an urban dweller dreaming of non-electric sheep, you won’t regret if you download Hay Day for Android or iOS. The sheep will still be electric, but your dream won’t.

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