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IHeartRadio is a convenient free music application providing a fast and simple access to music streaming website. Download iHeartRadio if you want to listen to live radio, news and podcasts over the Internet. In addition, you can create your own radio stations where only that music, which you prefer, will be suggested.


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  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Multifunctional app

You will get a wide range of features with this app but the key one is unlimited streaming music. You can make playlists and activate them in accordance with your mood. When you listen to a song, you can make lyrics or singer’s biography be displayed on the screen. Though, design is rather unattractive, interface is not confusing at all. Even beginner will feel confidently. It is easy to activate options and make settings in the main menu. Everything is clear and user-friendly. Forget about annoying commercials and long registration of account! And by the way, it supports sleep times, thus, you will never be late for the important event.

Highlights to understand it better

Downloading and entering the app, you will be asked about the genre. Making your choice and you can start listening shortly. When you are going to create your own radio station, you choose a song you prefer or enter "Perfect for" and decide whether it will be Driving, Kids, Yoga, and so on. You can make it full of hits. Remember that all tracks you listen are stored online and you are allowed to view them. All recently listened to music will be shown at the left corner of the screen. You can make your listening activity is known on Facebook. As we have done our best to show in this iHeartRadio review, the developer offers something for everyone here.


♦ No commercials.

♦ You do not have to register your account.

♦ Compatible with various devices.


♦ There are restrictions as o the number of songs you can skip per day.

♦ There are image adds but they do not interrupt sounding.

Music in the air!

Streaming music applications have recently grown in popularity. Download iHeartRadio and ensure that this is one of the best examples of such software. Here you can do whatever you like even skipping the particular songs. And remember that between songs you will never hear the advertisement.

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