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Family Locator is a location sharing app that lets you track your family members or friends in real time. Download Find my Family, Friends, Phone for Android and iOS, and tell your dear ones the same, so you can see each other at a distance!

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Sharing location is a well-known feature of today’s gadgets since location services were introduced. To let your vis-à-vis know where you are, you can just enable sharing location, and they can track you. When in a strange city someone has to meet you, they can just watch your approach in real time. Kids’ smartwatches embody the same idea.

With Family Locator, the roles of objects and watchers are blurred. Does within your family everyone want to know where the others are? If you agree, let all your family members install the app and track each other, adding others to the watch list. So during the day, you can always see where your spouse, your children, or your parents are. If you’re taking care of your neighbors, you can get them involved as well. Even if your family principles disallow tracking as a contradiction to personal freedom, there are situations like family vacations, where knowing each other’s location is really important.

How Family Locator Works

Besides just seeing each other on the map, you can also configure alerts that tell you that your family members approach or reach home, work, malls, school, other frequent places worth putting on the map. The app also offers its own private messenger, with encrypted messages and photos.

There are also advanced features, like Crash Detection, that can help you inform others of accidents someone of your family may be involved with, or Find My Phone (as other family members still can track a stolen or lost device).

The service has limited free mode and some paid, including Crash Detection or not. The minimum comfortable subscription is just $2.99/mo, and it includes data protection, unlimited alerts, and local crime alerts.


▣ Informs you where your family members are;

▣ Keeps you aware of accidents and crimes that may affect your life;

▣ A secure chat;

▣ Lost or stolen phones tracking.


▣ The service may cause controversies with privacy within your family;

▣ Premium options require subscription;

▣ Only works in the US.


The service that powers this app may seem controversial, but if you trust each other, you’ll benefit a lot from it. So download Family Locator for Android or iOS and stay in touch constantly!

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