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Likee is one of the most popular social networks that appeared recently. It’s based on short videos, and you can make them with a built-in simple editor with rich effects. Add music, apply transition, edit subtitles, and become a video star! All you need to do is download Likee for Android or iOS and give it but a little time.

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Features Review

To the Music

Likee seems a TikTok-like social media service, and they have a lot in common. Likee and TikTok are both video-based. Both services offer a large library of licensed music you can insert into your videos as the soundtrack, You can lip-sync to them and make it your karaoke time of fame, dance an energetic dance, or just fool around. And both networks are inhabited by young audience.

At the same time, Likee is home for lots of video instructions on beauty, sports, cooking, life hacks, and so on. Use hashtag system to search for videos on topics you are interested in. Maybe your friends are involved? Search your phone book or Facebook for Likee users and subscribe, and let them know!

The Face You Want

One of the greatest things about Likee, though, is its video editor with rich set of effects that you can apply even in preview. They can make you look like you want; along with regular filters, there are smart one for fine face adjustment. Want your eyes a little shinier? Nose a little narrower? Lipstick color modified? Your face overall a bit skinnier? No problem: Likee will do it. It just takes a tap to compare the original look in the selfie camera and that with effects applied. When you like the result, just tap the record button and make your video.

There are more regular effects, like Instagram-like filters, subtitles, stickers, audio editor, and so on. Face Magic, though, is the most impressive: it lets you become your favorite movie star or a superhero with AI assistance! And it looks professional, cinematic and spectacular.


♦ Smart face effects and AI-based enhancements;
♦ Tons of legal music to add to your videos;
♦ Social activity fostered by the service itself;
♦ Lots of videos to watch on any topic possible;
♦ Connecting people from all over the world and from your hood.


♦ It takes time to figure out the editor;
♦ You’re never sure how real the picture is.

Do You Likee It?

Likee is a demonstration of the new AI power that does anything you want to your face and image. Download and install Likee and become a media star with nothing but your phone!

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