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Lyft is a mobile application best described as an Uber alternative. It revolves around the concept of ridesharing and fare availability at any time of day or night. Download Lyft f sometimes you're in a catastrophic need of a lift.


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Have you called a chariot?

The application is pretty simple to use. First, you get it for your device - Android, iOS, Amazon and Microsoft gadgets are supported. Then, after installation is complete, you provide some personal info: email, phone number, credit card, etc. And finally, when you need a ride, choose your destination right in the app. Just don't forget to turn the GPS on - it's necessary, so the driver knows where to pick you up.

The app, in turn, will let you know who your driver is, what car they are in, their phone number & car plate and also when the Lyft vehicle arrives. By the way, it's very handy to monitor your ride moving through the city, especially when it's chilly outside and you can't wait until you can get inside the warm car.

As of now, Lyft is limited to only two countries the US and Canada. Among the cities available there are:

🔺 Las Vegas.

🔺 Nashville.

🔺 Kansas City.

🔺 Portland.

🔺 Los Angeles.

🔺 New York City.

🔺 Chattanooga, etc.

According to the official website, the US territory is 95% covered, so your ride will be there in a few minutes. You can choose a luxury package or a family option - Lyft is willing to provide its service to every budget.

One interesting thing our Lyft review has found: the company claims to have a $1 million liability insurance, in case something goes seriously wrong during a ride.

Lyft me up

The app itself works quite smoothly and doesn't get stuck when you swipe its interface. Pink/purple color palette isn't distracting or toxic to your eyes. As for the live route monitoring of the vehicle coming to pick you, well, it's done decently but suffers from occasional stuttering. Guess, it depends on the GPS signal being unstable every now and then.

Bottom Line

Lyft is a responsible and well-organized service. Probably this is why it gives nearly 1 million rides every day. Of course, you won't be able to use it, while travelling abroad, but citizens of the US and Canada should really consider downloading Lyft.

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