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Mario Kart is already popular on consoles, but its long-awaited mobile version only arrived in September 2019. The familiar characters are now racing through Mario-redesigned cities, showing how it looked for them from the very beginning. Now in 3D, for Android and iOS, available for those without Nintendo devices, Mario world expands.

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Features Review

Speedy Plumber and His Friends

Mario Kart is a genre in its own right, combining elements of other popular genres. You need to be the fastest in the race, limited by two laps – that means, it’s racing. You collect powerups and coins while you drive your kart, and it only takes a swipe or a tilt to change the lane; that’s similar to runners. Finally, there are way many elements from the original Mario platformers, taking you up in the air or deep underwater. So what’s that? That’s Mario Kart!

In short, you visit various cities with Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, and many friends and enemies known from the franchise. They are controlled by real people, so you need to be online to enjoy its multiplayer experience. Along with just racing, you can use various items on each other, trying to keep others behind or get them off their leading positions. It all brings endless fun if you like Nintendo style.

Mario Mobilized!

It’s just the second Mario game for Android and iOS (after Super Mario Run), and it differs a lot from console versions. Just as detailed and bright in terms of visuals, it’s vertically oriented now, according to the way most users prefer to hold their mobiles.

And the game is monetized the way most mobile games are. It features the stamina system, meaning that you have a limited number of lives, and you spend one each time you start a race. If you run out of lives, you can wait until they are restored, or pay to recharge instantly.


● It’s Mario;
● Elaborate gameplay;
● Easy and quick enough to play casually;
● Visuals are just enchanting.


● It’s simplified compared to console versions;
● The game is too casual for hardcore players;
● Too many microtransactions required to succeed.


It’s Mario, and that means undoubtable quality and the original Nintendo flavor that is so rare on mobiles. This racing game is dynamic and fast, both suitable for fans and casual players, and it’s free unless you want to accelerate your pace.

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