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Messages is the official Android app by Google for handling SMS, reading and replying to your SMS, and even using it in chat mode. If you don’t have it by default, you can download and install Messages by Google separately. Let’s check if the app is worth it.

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Features Review

The App That Seems Unnecessary

Have you seen a smartphone without an SMS manager recently? Or ever? Probably not: every smartphone manufacturer develops its own app for handling SMS that fits into its launcher and integrates with other apps. So why does Google offer its own default Messages app? The answer is simple. Google offers any core app that Android users might want.

Message chains look like chats; not that it’s an innovation in 2020, but it looks cool. Your replies are displayed in blue, and the received ones are black. The app shows the sender’s pic near each received message. It takes a tap on a message to see metadata, like the date and the time it was sent, and the carrier, if you use a dual-SIM phone.

There is a phone call button; if you tap it, you’ll be transferred to your default phone app. You’ll need to confirm the call manually, to avoid accidental calls by mistaps. Text search lets you enter a fragment of the keyword and search by it; the search works perfectly across messages. 

How to Enjoy Messaging by Google

First of all, you need to update Messages by Google and grant the app the default status. It’s too jealous to ever touch your SMS if it’s not the only one to handle them (most these apps are like that). Then the app goes straight to the core and shows you all the messages you have. The unread ones are displayed bold, so they’re easy to tell (unless all of your recent messages are unread). Checking it is easy: tap the message to read and see whether its font changes after that.

But the most important innovation is a built-in RCS chat that lets you transfer data and connect it to your texts. It’s a sort of Google’s reply to iMessage. With it, you can share files and locations, send and receive voice messages, use stickers and emoji from keyboard sets, and even send or pay invoices with Google Pay!

These features depend on your device, though. Some devices, even by AAA brands don’t support this. In addition, it requires the carrier to support it. Though some features can work through any connection, others need to be supported by the mobile carrier. If you are lucky, Google Messages will take your texting to a new level.


♦ Handles messages in chat style;
♦ Dark interface theme;
♦ Integration with Android and web;
♦ RCS chat that mirrors iMessage.


♦ Only works when set as the default messaging app;
♦ You may be good with your default one by the vendor;
♦ If you don’t need Google RCS, you don’t need this app.

Google Up Your Messages

The conclusion to be made from Google Messages review is simple. The app does what other messaging apps do. Does Google do it better? Definitely. If text search or web access matters for you, this is the app to use. In addition, you get the RCS chat, similar to iMessage and enriching your texting.

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