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Microsoft Excel is the world’s default spreadsheet editor, now on mobiles! Download Excel for iOS or Android, and you’ll be able to work with spreadsheets wherever you are.

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Features Review

What’s Excel Mobile

Spreadsheets are a good way to organize your data in many different ways, from simple lists to sophisticated dependence calculations. Any cell can be filled with an argument (number, name, date, sum, and so on) or a function, dependent upon arguments. If you have a formulae-filled template, you can save lots of time on calculations. Excel has a virtually endless number or columns and rows on each list, and a book can contain multiple lists with interlinked formulas; so, in fact, it’s a sort of 3D spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel is not the only spreadsheet editor, but the world’s default one and probably the best. If your profession somehow includes finance, auditing, accounting, trading and so on, Excel is one of the primary tools you need. Mobile version may lack some features of desktop ones, but keeps all the essentials.

How to Use It Better

Remember that spreadsheets with complicated formulas and lots of data can require high performance. So old or budget devices may be unable to handle them. If you really need to work with such spreadsheets, think of upgrading your hardware.

Excel is free for devices with 9.7” or smaller screen. If you use an iPad Pro or any other large tablet, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to create, edit and save files. Anyway, if you authorize in OneDrive, you’ll be able to access files from the cloud or save new ones there.

The app surely handles .XLSX files properly, so those created and edited on desktop or on mobile are fully compatible. But this compatibility is not granted with older .XLS format, so keep it in mind.


◆ Compatible with desktop version;

◆ Easy to collaborate on files and send/receive them;

◆ Integrated with OneDrive;

◆ Free for most mobile devices.


◆ Requires high performance;

◆ May fail at handling old .XLS files;

◆ On large tablets requires Office 365 subscription.


If you need spreadsheets in your daily work, don’t hesitate to download Excel for Android or iOS. Subscription, if you need it, may cost you much less than you can benefit from alertness.

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