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Microsoft Office Mobile is a long-awaited solution for business and education that provides a wide range of professional tools for editing and creating of texts, tables, presentations, notes, for communicating, exchanging files, and many more everyday tasks. You can download Microsoft Office Mobile as a full pack of apps (requires too much disk space) or by single elements.

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Features Review

Everything You Might Need

Perhaps, there’s no need to tell about Microsoft Office capabilities, but I will. This office software suite is designed to provide professional tools for professional workers in different fields. The most frequently used units of this software environment are Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The first app is for creating and precise editing of text documents with multiple elements, such as images, clipart, and tables. Mobile version of this program is also a convenient tool for the reading of docx files.

PowerPoint is a studio for creating and demonstrating of descriptive presentations on slides with interactive elements, video, and audio. Excel is an advanced calculator for accountants, mathematicians, and other important pros. It’s impossible to tell about each app in this Microsoft Office Mobile review as there are many. Outlook, One Drive, One Note, Skype, Teams, Lens, Delve, and Yammer. These are the apps that compose Microsoft Office Mobile.

You Need a Plan

All these apps require a subscription and fixed annual payments. If you work for a certain company, it has to pay for everything you need for high productivity. Otherwise, you should be very careful with calculations to choose the most appropriate version of Microsoft Office Mobile. There are no free complex solutions by Microsoft, but you may surely get seasonal discounts.


● The mobile office is similar to the PC version, at last;

● Full Microsoft Office toolset for mobile;

● Free cloud service.


● The price is rather high;

● These apps require a lot of disk space.


Microsoft Office Mobile suite is a perfect solution for dealing with various types of documents on-the-go. Unlike Google Office, these tools can work without an internet connection. Download Microsoft Office Mobile elements to get the best professional software environment for mobile platforms.

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