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Microsoft Word is the world’s default app for creating, editing, and reading documents. To have access to your documents, download Microsoft Word for iOS or Android and make a mobile device your portable office!

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Features Review

It’s All About Documents

Microsoft Word is a mobile version of its desktop analog. It’s also meant for creating, editing, viewing and sharing text documents. With Word Mobile you can type, import, edit and format texts, using lots of fonts, format options, and graphical effects.

Word documents can have embedded Excel-like tables, graphs, images, and other third-party objects. One can also comment on documents, add notes, footnotes, headlines, page numbers, and do all the work for turning a plain text into an advanced document. The app also supports stats on text and other info.

With Word you can easily share your files and send them via email or share within Office 365. For creating new files, no matter if it’s a plain document, a poster, an ad, or a script, you can easily pick the right template from dozens available.

While new .DOCX format is handled perfectly, old .DOC can be opened incorrectly due to its obsoleteness. Try to avoid it while using mobile versions.

Tastes Better with OneDrive

On phones and tablets under 10’, Word is free, and it easily integrates with OneDrive if you authorize. If you use a tablet with 10” or larger screen, Office 365 subscription becomes necessary. But anyway you’ll benefit from subscribing. For example, you’ll have more space in OneDrive for your documents. If you open a document in OneDrive app for viewing, it only takes one tap to reopen it in Word due to seamless integration.

With subscription it’s enough to share a document to your colleague or coauthor to work on it together. If you collaborate on one document and your coauthor makes a change you disapprove on, you’ll always have the archive versions to recover the original.


♥ Compatible with and similar to desktop version;

♥ Well prepared for collaboration;

♥ Lots of templates;

♥ Integrated with OneDrive.


♥ Sometimes handles .DOC files incorrectly;

♥ Requires subscription on large tablets.

Word Up, Doc!

Microsoft offers a great mobile version of its cult product. So if you need to work with documents on your mobile devices, download Microsoft Word for Android or iOS and enjoy!

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