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Mobile Strike is a 2.5D real-time strategy game by Epic War LLC. It’s hard to say how, but developers managed to attract millions of players by advertising their franchise on YouTube. You can download Mobile Strike for iOS and Android to join the worldwide battlefield. 


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Features Review

Is it Arney?

Yes, it’s real Arnold Schwarzenegger on all game-related arts. Mobile Strike game had one of the most memorable advertising campaigns on the video game market over the last decade. Its commercials with Arnold were featured Super Bowl 50 and Super Bowl LI. Isn’t it impressive? However, Mobile Strike gameplay has both pros and cons. 

Battle With the World

Mobile Strike latest version community totals millions of players, so you can be sure that you compete with real gamers every time you join the fight. You play as a modern army commander. You can experience strategy-making with such army units as tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, and 16 types of advanced troops. You have to upgrade your favorite units as you progress to achieve battle excellence. Soldiers are also trainable so that you could teach them new deadly skills. The leveling system is endless, so you have a chance to become the strongest warrior online.


In Mobile Strike full game, you can also create alliances to challenge other communities and conquer new lands for development. This war can bring you resources, weapons, and experience points to enhance the power of your army. 


This Mobile Strike review is honest, so you should know that sometimes the game feels like busywork. It doesn’t mean that it’s not engaging, but you may notice that you do too many actions with too low feedback. There are also many items for unlocking, but when you finally achieve them, they don’t change the gameplay dramatically. 


o Immersive, rewarding gameplay;

o Beautiful 2.5D graphics remind Command and Conquer classics;

o Endless upgrades;

o A 1st person training polygon.


o You may feel doing busywork;

o Low feedback from upgrades.

Join the Endless War

Mobile Strike is an immersive strategy game, but it’s still far from computer classics. Sometimes it’s too hard to get upgrades without microtransactions. Download Mobile Strike if you enjoy thrilling action and simple controls.

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