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Panda Pop! is a shooter bubble game where you need to blast bubbles and save adorable baby pandas. You can download Panda Pop! from the App Store. Panda Pop! game requires iOS 7.0 and upper and is compatible with iPod touch and iPad.

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  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Take on a new bubble-popping adventure

For all fans of bubble-popping, Jam City developed bright and exciting Panda Pop! Bubble Shooter Game. We all know how addictive blasting balloons can be, and this app is definitely one of those games that have a huge potential to keep you playing for hours.

The game starts as very simple, but it gets quite complicated as you progress. You need to shoot with balloons of a certain colour, match, blast and pop bubbles to save baby pandas from a bad and evil baboon.  The number of levels is staggering, and challenges become more intricate as you move forward. Obviously, you are expected to check back regularly to learn about new events and receive new rewards.

Enjoy great features while saving cute pandas

Surely, graphics are outstanding, and together with cute smiling pandas, colourful visuals will definitely improve your mood and charge you with positive emotions.
At first, the game might seem to be straightforward without too much thinking required. However, you need to plan your every pop, make clever moves, and use power-ups wisely.
In this Panda Pop! review I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy this game and I find popping bubbles to be really fun and stress-relieving. I also liked that the game may be played with friends by connecting to Facebook. This option takes the game to a new level.


🐼 Colorful graphics and adorable pandas;
🐼 More than 2,000 levels with a variety of new challenges;
🐼 You can connect seamlessly across various devices and platforms.


🐼 Some users reported that they were not offered earned rewards after the closure of the racing challenge.


Panda Pop! is a fun bubble shooter game and if you’re into such type of entertainment as bubble-popping, blasting balloons and saving little pandas in this cute Panda Pop! game will bring you a lot of enjoyment. Download Panda Pop! If you have some free time on your hands.

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