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PayPal is #1 service for sending money or making online payments. If you want it always with you, download PayPal app for your iPhone (or iPad) or Android device and stay in touch with your account!

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PayPal is, first of all, an electronic wallet for making online payments, both to businesses or other common users. Its greatness for online payments is widely appreciated, so it’s the world’s #1 in this category. Probably one of the best things about PayPal is its easy connection with regular bank accounts. You can use it to top up your PayPal wallet or for direct payments.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, PayPal works with solid bank accounts. You can connect your credit card to PayPal and use it for transactions both ways. Say, if you need to transfer some funds to a PayPal account, your card account will be charged automatically if necessary.

The complete history of your transactions is available in the app even when offline. The app also offers advanced protection for your data, including both sophisticated passwords and biometric authentication. But you still have to keep an eye on your credentials to keep them from leaking.

Going International

So far over 100 countries already legalized PayPal as a valid payment method. Citizens and businesses in these countries both accept PayPal for their goods and services or use it to pay its remote workers, or actively use for online shopping and ordering digital services.

If you use PayPal for overseas transactions, you’ll be charged much smaller fee than, say, that of Western Union or an old school bank. Transactions are almost instant, and both sender and receiver get notified on them. That’s what we call “digitalism”.


♥ Incredibly easy to use;

♥ Works in 100+ countries;

♥ Small fees, and no fees within your family and friends (for US only);

♥ Integrated into many online markets and stores.


♥ Not anonymous (if it matters for you);

♥ Offers cut features in certain countries.


PayPal will remain the most efficient online payment system for long, despite Chinese rivals, bank system upgrades, and cryptocurrencies revenge. Download PayPal, and you’ll be able to pay or earn virtually anywhere.

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