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Plants vs. Zombies is a legendary casual strategy game by PopCap and Electronic Arts. It’s an immersive story of the confrontation between blood-starving zombies and brave plants. Try to develop a winning strategy to save yourself from becoming a zombie. You can download Plants vs. Zombies for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile. 


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Features Review

Your Dream Garden

The core of Plants vs. Zombies gameplay is planting. You can unlock over 40 seeds to plant powerful greens that will help you defeat hordes of zombies. You’re always limited with seeds, so you have to place them in the best sequence to achieve excellence and survive till the end. Use sunflowers to collect solar energy as it’s the only renewable resource for feeding new units. 

Beware These Clever Guys

Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies game are not just stupid pieces of rotten meat. They progress to fulfill their greed for brains and learn to protect themselves from your attacks. You will meet simple ghouls, sports-zombies, and 24 other types of greedy creatures. It means that you have to learn new tricks too. Try to master all plants to come up with great battle ideas. The further you progress, the more opportunities the game opens. You can challenge yourself with additional quests to unlock 46 achievements and become a professional zombie fighter. 

Unique Style

It’s also important to highlight visuals and sound design in this Plants vs. Zombies review. Guys from PopCap designed zombies, plants, and characters to make them funny and charming at the same time. It’s also one of the best examples of excellent sound design. You will remember the soundtrack and the voice of the crazy neighbor for years. 


? Unique mobile gameplay experience;

? Free-to-play;

? Extremely addictive franchise;

? Tough plants;

? It’s a series of games!


? Low FPS on low-end devices.

Plants Forever 

PopCap managed to create a hit game that can live in your heart forever. It’s not the kind of a simple mobile arcade where you have to tap one button forever. It’s a unique real-time strategy for everyone. Download Plants vs. Zombies to try one of the best mobile games ever. You’ll love it. 

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