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Poweramp Music Player is one of the most powerful audio players for Android. It provides the best sound quality and unprecedented freedom when it comes to controlling and visualizing the playback.

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Features Review

Better Than Android Sounds

Poweramp is, first of all, a music player. It has no extras like audiobook optimization or video support. Instead, it can open any digital music and play it at the original quality. That’s the reason it exists.

If you are an experienced music fan, you’ll appreciate that the app has a new 64-bit virtual DSP, a resampler, dithering options, EQ, smooth volume controls, support for DSD, TAK, OPUS, and other audio formats, from regular .MPS and .M4A to .FLAC, .WV and .APE. It can play disc images with .cue files, handling them like they are all separate files – a great feature for having entire releases. You can set custom equalization for certain tracks of folders and adjust it separately for various outputs. Even if this part of Poweramp review sounds too professional to you, we’ll conclude that it sounds great.

It looks just as great, with rich visualization options. The app loads release covers from folders, from audio file metadata, or downloads it from online databases. When the music is playing, it displays equalizer bands, or random spectrums, or other abstract pictures that pulsate to the beat. Last but not least: the player is compatible with audio peripherals, from Android Auto to Chromecast, and also any wired or wireless acoustics you can ever imagine.

Is It Really This Better?

When it comes to paid apps, you first ask yourself a question: isn’t there a free substitute? Well, the answer depends on your phone. If it has no dedicated DAC and uses the default one for sound output, probably any free player will provide similar sound. But if you have one of those musical phones by LG, Vivo, or Asus, with Hi-Q DACs and built-in preamps, they can only reveal their potential with select apps. Poweramp uses its own audio engine that bypasses the default Android one, delivering the best audio quality the hardware can provide.

Does it justify its price? Well, if you have preferred your LG or Asus to an iPhone or Huawei, there must be reasons for that, and chances are it’s the sound quality. It makes sense to add extra $5 to unlock the audio potential of your phone as a player.


♦ Great sound quality;
♦ Supports playlists and folders;
♦ Plays various audio formats, including lossless;
♦ Custom skins, including third-party ones;
♦ 15-day free trial.


♦ No free edition;
♦ The interface is too overloaded;
♦ Makes sense first of all on smartphones with dedicated DAC.

Pro Audio

If you don’t surrender to the world’s wireless mania and still trust wired connections more, you’ll need a decent software player for your phone. Poweramp delivers the best experience with capable hardware, on phones with dedicated Hi-Fi DACs. But if you just like its interface, folder and cover handling, rich settings, and customizable skins, you can opt for it, though it’s paid.

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