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Roblox is a sand-box game, with a powerful game editor as a free bonus. It features a lot of mini-games of various genres, created by professional studios and just enthusiasts. And all this gaming feast sticks to the blocky, Lego aesthetics. Download Roblox if you want to have a whole universe of mini-games.

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Features Review

From shooter to survival

What sets Roblox aside from other games, which look similar to Minecraft, is that it has a powerful game-editing tool. As a result, we have hundreds of games of all possible genres here. Some are extremely well-produced, others are sloppy, but still fun to play.

In Roblox you'll find:

♨️ Clones of CS:GO and Fortnite;

♨️ Games inspired by survival aesthetics;

♨️ Murder mysteries;

♨️ Street-gang and prison life simulators;

♨️ Titles that mimic Sims series with their social life-simulation;

♨️ Goofy Minecraft spoofs and so on.

All available to be played online with other people. Basically, name any game/genre and odds are there's a Roblox version of it.

If you have a creative fire burning in your chest, you can design your own Roblox game. It doesn't require any special skills/training, although basic Java knowledge wouldn't hurt.

The feedback from the game's community is almost instant: whatever fate awaits your creation, it'll be noticed anyway. Our Roblox review just recommends you to work a bit extra on your idea.

Roblox rocks

The game is pretty easy to control - you get a touchscreen joystick, and that's all you need to enjoy whatever genre you choose. The game itself is free, but you'll have to earn rubux, the in-game currency, necessary for unlocking additional content and cosmetic elements. Some players even manage to launch an enterprise in Roblox, earning the virtual bucks.

For certain games - like a first-person shooter or post-apocalyptic/zombie survivals - it's recommended to use an iPad. The thing is that on the smaller screen your field of vision will be limited. That's why you risk not to see an enemy coming from a blind angle.

Bottom Line

Roblox has a ton of awesome games to be enjoyed online with your friends or just random people. Download Roblox to design your own game and get feedback and recognition. Just beware of certain scammer servers.

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