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Shazam is a mobile application, which helps you instantly identify a music track playing. Whenever you hear a tune you want to know the name of, simply draw your device out of the pocket and activate the application. Download Shazam to never miss a jam you like.


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Shazam this, Shazam that

Odds are you've been in that situation before. You are in some public place - cafe, mall, amusement park - and you hear a music track, vibe of which resonates with every cell of your body structure. And you don't know its name (!) This is when Shazam comes to the rescue:

♪ Take the phone out of pocket.

♪ Tap the Shazam button.

♪  See the magic happening: artist/song name and even lyrics will pop-up almost immediately.

You can also enable the auto-feature, which means Shazam will be activated whenever you unlock the screen. Moreover, you can browse popular tags in the Explore section. And to make things even easier, it will supply you with a YouTube link so you can savor the whole song instead of a short snippet.

Exploration unstoppable

Our Shazam review reminds you that you can also allow the app show you other songs and albums by some artist, similar singers, and bands, display biographies and also check the latest updates on the Tag Chart. It's a chart, in which the most Shazamed records appear and compete for higher positions.

So, for example, if you shazam "Going Backwards" by Tame Impala, you'll learn about the whole album "Lonerism" and also similar bands like MGMT, The Black Keys, Alt-J, etc. But also you can learn about any given artist's upcoming concerts or tours and even book the tickets via the app.

And finally, you can share your findings with friends via Facebook or a messenger, and search for them in your Google Play Music, Spotify and iTunes accounts. It can be done instantly thanks to the integration of those services. Need to review the list of discovered treasures? Log in your Shazam account at the PC and access the entire tagging history.

Bottom Line

Shazam is one of the coolest free music apps that will save you a great deal of time you would usually spend on searching for an unknown song. Download Shazam and identify your new favorite tune in just a second. 

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