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Skype is an application which allows video and voice calls for free using a mobile phone. That is a magic opportunity to communicate with others almost without limits.  You can download Skype on any device – it will be fail-safe.


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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

What is the point?

Why should you install this Skype? First of all, it uses Internet Protocol or VoIP providing free communications with other Skype users even if they are abroad. It is possible to reach non-Skype users even by choosing Skype Credit or Skype subscriptions which are monthly calling plays. The rate can vary by destination. Secondly, you can apply it in every country of the world where the App Store is available. Download it within PC, smartphone, tablet – whatever you like and enjoy a simple way to see your friends not only to hear them or send a message. You can attract someone with your @ mentions or create a group talking together simultaneously. It is so easy to send a picture, screens, or even video using this app. You can arrange your meetings, travel plans, business trips with comfort and in no time. In addition, it provides you with call mobile and landlines much more cheap.

How to use?

Before downloading this app, check that your device is prepared, and voice output and input operate properly. You can apply additional microphone or pair of Bluetooth headset. Top on your App Store icon and find this app, download, install it and register an account following the guide. Or if you have already an account on any other platform, it is allowed for your mobile device as far as it does not depend on where you get access to it. When you on the main screen of the application you will see the Call button, tap it and get a virtual dial pad and buttons. Use it to dial a number and activate. Remember that if you use landline, you need to buy Skype credit or Subscriptions which can be purchased from the Skype app. It is renewed automatically if you do not turn it off.

In Skype review you are offered the principle options of the application, find out more by using it in your everyday life.


♦ Free all over the world for Skype users.

♦ Extremely easy to use.

♦ There are additional options.

♦ Reduced rates for landline or mobile calls.


♦ Still there are countries where there is no access to this app.

You can rely on it

This app has proved its efficiency all over the world and is very popular with users of mobile phones. It sounds unbelievable if you have not installed it yet. Just download Skype and take advantages on it under any circumstances.

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