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Slime Rancher is a fun simulator game in which you turn into a brave rancher Beatrix LeBeau whose aim is to wrangle Slimes on the ”Far, Far Range” planet located a thousand light years away from Earth. You can download Slime Rancher if you have Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.11+, and SteamOS + Linux.

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Start your adventure at Far, Far Range

Young rancher Beatrix LeBeau is in charge of an alien planet Far, Far Range the environmental conditions of which are favourable for a habitation of different type of Slimes. Big Earth corporations found that the planet can be a great source of income, so they send people to live and work on ranches where they are expected to take care of those super adorable creatures and extract precious Plorts.

Cute Slimes have a shape of a ball and look like they are made of gelatin. They are the key elements of the game because they are responsible for the production of valuable Plorts that humans are after.

Beatrix uses a powerful tool called the Vacpack, which is utilized to shoot out items and suck up different things, including Slimes and their Plorts.

Raise your mood with fun and dynamic Slime wrangling

I found the creatures so cool that if one of my friends feels slightly down, I recommend playing this game. It doesn’t require too much thinking so your mind isn’t fully engaged. Various colourful settings are so interesting to explore that you can easily forget about your current worries and get back to real life with a refreshed thinking and lifted the mood.

I’m not into such types of games because at first, they look slightly childish to me. Yet, I decided to give it a go because there is a demo version available. In this Slime Rancher review, I can honestly say that I got hooked right after I started playing and truly enjoyed getting submerged into this bright, dynamic, and exciting adventure.


❍ There are different types of terrain;
❍ Lovely, bouncing, giggling Slimes will lift your mood;
❍ High replay value.


❍ You will need to thoroughly study the types of Slimes and what they eat if you’re after real profit and not only a nice mood;
❍ The rush mode might be challenging and requires some practice.


Overall, Slime Rancher game is definitely worth the attention because it is indeed one of the best in the industry. If you’re into bright dynamic simulator games, this one should a part of your collection. Download Slime Rancher now, if you’re in a mood to wrangle some Slimes.

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