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Snapchat is a messenger, which is really fun to play with. It allows you to stay in touch with your friends & buddies day and night and share stories about your adventures and brightest impressions you've received lately. Download Snapchat and add new colors to your life.

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Features Review

Doggy or kitty ears?

Snapchat's perhaps most recognizable feature is that its message - text, picture, video - disappear after some time, once they've been received and read. They expire pretty quickly and leave no trace whatsoever, unless someone takes a screenshot or records the display, of course. This is why the developer and this Snapchat review warn you to be careful about what you snap.

In the current Snapchat's update you can:

♦ Do instant-messaging.

♦ Have video conversations.

♦ Share your stories.

♦ Show your geo-location to the fiends, so they can know where you're hanging out at the moment.

♦ Send/receive media files.

Probably the most popular part of the app is its stickers and Bitmojis. You can adorn your photo snaps with bizarre and funny elements: animal ears, whiskers, tongues and so on. Additionally, a photo can be beautified with a number of filters - swipe left to access them. And to make things clear, there's a tool, which allows writing text over your snaps.

Ghost messaging

Finally, when all the preparation concerning elegant looks is finished, you can set the timer: from 1 to 10 seconds. When the time's up, the message will auto-destruct, leaving zero traces.

In the Discover category, you can read the latest news on whatever topic you're regularly interested in: TV and movie premiers, politics, fashion and beauty, the gaming industry and so forth. The news are provided by the likes of Buzzfeed, Wired. And even Snap, the company behind the app in question, adds some original news too.

What wouldn't hurt to have is the Best friends category, in order to filter out rare or random contacts from your snap history. Let's hope it'll be introduced in the upcoming update.

Bottom Line

Snapchat is a cool app when it comes to having fun with your friends and shares the story of what a marvelous piña colada you've had a minute ago. Download Snapchat to enjoy its ephemeral communication style.

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